Best ways to track employee time

Best ways to track employee time

Best ways to track employee time

In addition to the number of other responsibilities on their hands, companies also have to maintain records of employee time off. Sick days, leave, vacation and daily time punches are crucial for businesses to keep track of, as they directly affect budgets and overall efficiency within the organization. This task can be difficult without a set plan in motion. Let’s look at the best ways employers can document a worker’s time:

Spreadsheets are your friend                         
Every organization has its own process that works for tracking. Some businesses utilize manual entry. Although time-consuming, companies with a small number of employees often find this practice to be the most beneficial. Employers could utilize a spreadsheet to record time off in an inexpensive way, according to the Houston Chronicle. With these documents, payroll teams can keep track of a worker’s starting balance and enter information as time goes on. To make the practice even more efficient, company leaders can enter the appropriate formulas so the spreadsheet does the majority of the work for them. With manual entry, it’s crucial for businesses to have a paper trail, so companies should keep record of time off requests and more.

Institute an unlimited vacation policy
Tracking time can be complicated, especially with so many elements to keep record of. To simplify that process, companies could eliminate strict documentation of employee vacations. Many businesses today have implemented unlimited time off practices, as they reduce work for payroll teams and are a strong reward for workers, according to Entrepreneur. These options give people open-ended access to time off and take the pressure of monitoring accrual off the hands – and minds – of company leadership. Although unlimited vacation may not work for all organizations, it can help those with a large pool of employees.

Implement helpful software
Businesses looking to streamline their payroll process further than manual recording should look into a digital solution that is able to integrate with their current system. These time and attendance applications give employees a username and login so they’re able to document upcoming vacation days, sick days and other occasions that require paid time off. These systems aren’t relegated just to organizations with a set vacation policy. Those employers who have instituted an unlimited PTO policy can ensure employees are taking advantage of the benefit with the help of this software. HR and payroll teams can request that all workers place their future absences into the software so proper management of responsibilities can be taken.

Documenting employees’ time off can be a difficult task, especially for companies with a large number of workers. In addition to utilizing spreadsheets for manual entry, testing an unlimited vacation policy and implementing time and attendance software, businesses can also work with a leave administration partner. These third parties can help organizations keep track of employee absences and ensure all necessary government regulations are met.

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