Benefits Administration Services

Administration Services

Benefits Administration Services

Secova is one of the best Benefits Administration Companies in New Jersey that offers customized administrative services and resources for businesses, utilizing data technology, expertise, and education. We focus on efficiencies and cost control in employee benefits and HR.

We are specialized service providers who understand unique organizational needs and provide tailored solutions for streamlined administration. By implementing these services, businesses can achieve more efficient HR operations, reduce manual workload, minimize errors, enhance data visibility, and drive strategic workforce planning. We can also incorporate comprehensive auditing capabilities to ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies. Adopting customized solutions modernizes HR operations and contributes to a more agile, data-driven, and compliant organizational structure.

Secova’s online benefits enrollment platform, BenAssure, is a user-friendly tool built with the purpose of processing elections, completing life events, educating employees, reducing paper transactions, and managing benefits online year-round. BenAssure helps identify individual employee benefit options and aids in the enrollment self-serve flow with a series of links and tools to enhance end-user experience.

Implementing individual employee benefit options through a self-service enrollment flow provides various benefits, including an improved end-user experience. Employees can customize their benefit plans to meet their own requirements and interests. This personalization not only generates a sense of empowerment, but it also guarantees that employees receive coverage that is appropriate for their specific circumstances. The self-serve flow simplifies the enrolling process, allowing employees to make decisions more efficiently and conveniently. Adding a series of links and tools to the enrollment platform enhances the experience by giving essential resources including informational guides, calculators, and plan comparison tools. These resources enable employees to make informed decisions about their benefits, resulting in increased satisfaction and engagement. Furthermore, the self-serve model reduces administrative overhead, allowing HR staff to focus on more strategic initiatives while encouraging an autonomous and responsible culture among employees. Overall, integrating specific employee benefit options with a simple self-service enrollment process supplemented by useful links and resources, results in a seamless and effective experience for each end user.

BenAssure gives you ready access to our BenefitsWalk ™ throughout the election process to navigate freely and browse various available benefits, compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
Implementing BenAssure provides specific employee benefit alternatives to improve enrollment self-service flow and the overall user experience. BenAssure enables employees to customize their benefit packages based on their own needs, simplifying the enrolling process. The self-service flow makes the process simpler, while interactive tools offer help and information for decision-making. This tailored approach supports employee ownership and satisfaction while boosting transparency, communication, and efficiency in benefits administration, resulting in a positive workplace environment.


  • Plan Comparison

Plan comparison for employee benefits is an important part of the decision-making process since it allows employees to evaluate and select the most appropriate benefits for their specific requirements.

  • Integrated Direct Billing System

Inbuilt direct billing system: Implementing an inbuilt direct billing system for employee benefits is a strategic and effective method that simplifies the process of maintaining and accessing employee benefits inside an organization.

Various payment options: Recurring Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), credit, and debit cards: Offering diverse payment options for employee benefits, including EFT, credit cards, and debit cards, enhances flexibility and simplifies the compensation and benefits process. This accommodates diverse employee preferences and money management approaches, streamlining the benefits distribution procedure and accommodating non-traditional bank accounts.

Historical data maintained for all prior invoices and payments: Historical data on employee benefits invoices and payments provides organizations with a comprehensive record of financial transactions, enabling meticulous tracking and auditing of past expenditures. This archive is crucial during regulatory compliance checks, audits, and retrospective analysis.

Historical data maintained for all prior invoices and payments

  • Real Time Notification Services and Communication 

Supports Text message and email message: These services provide instant communication between employers and employees, ensuring important updates, policy changes, and personalized benefit information are given on time. Real-time notifications may contain information regarding open enrollment periods, approaching deadlines, and any changes to existing benefit programs.

  • Chat Feature

Chat services provide a real-time interactive platform for employees to seek information, clarification, and assistance on their benefits. This rapid communication channel is especially useful during important times like open enrollment periods or when employees have questions about their coverage, retirement plans, or other benefit-related issues.


  • Self-Service
Enhanced Software as a Service (SaaS) solution: The innovative SaaS platform simplifies the benefits management process by providing a consolidated and user-friendly interface. Employees may easily access and manage their benefits with enhanced SaaS solutions, which generally include sophisticated tools and features. These platforms often provide customizable dashboards, real-time information, and interactive tools that help to make the benefits enrollment procedure more engaging and transparent.

Enhanced error reporting and admin notification capability for Census and File generation: These tools serve as vigilant guardians, promptly identifying and reporting any inaccuracies or anomalies in benefit records. Administrators can quickly rectify errors by giving detailed error reports, ensuring that employee benefits data is accurate. Real-time admin notifications increase efficiency by alerting administrators to any essential changes or modifications that demand quick attention.

  • Efficiency in the Setup process
New system workflow increases setup accuracy and efficiency: The streamlined process reduces the likelihood of errors by automating many areas of benefit setup, ensuring that the information submitted is correct and matches individual employee profiles. Furthermore, the new system improves efficiency by automating routine tasks related to benefits administration, such as enrollment and documentation.
  • Enhanced Participant Communication
Automated notifications from event processing: Automated notifications generated by event processing have proven useful in optimizing and expediting employee benefit management. Organizations can use sophisticated event processing systems to efficiently monitor and respond to multiple triggers in real time, ensuring that employees receive timely and appropriate benefits alerts.

Supports page caveat, plan caveat, plan level content, videos, and employment status based content: Organizations that enable employment status-based content for employee benefits can deliver tailored and relevant information to various categories of employees, such as full-time, part-time, and temporary workers. This personalization ensures that individuals obtain facts about benefits that are relevant to their specific employment arrangement, enhancing clarity and understanding.

  • Multi Plan year and Multi OE
Ability to manage multiple plan years and open enrollments within a single tenant: This functionality enables businesses to create and administer benefit programs that go beyond the typical one-year period. Employers can effortlessly shift between benefit plan years, allowing for changes in organizational goals, cost structures, or employee needs.
  • Automated Processing
Process like OAD, Push to confirm are automated: Automated methods like One-and-Done (OAD) and Push to Confirm have emerged as game changers in the field of employee benefits administration. The use of these technologies simplifies and accelerates benefit-related procedures, providing several benefits to both employers and employees. The automated processes lead to greater accuracy, shorter turnaround times, and a more seamless overall experience for employees navigating their benefit options.
  • Enhanced Admin Module 
Easily view action items, pending events, and enrollment counts: This advanced module offers a centralized platform for administrators to efficiently manage and oversee employee benefits, providing a comprehensive and real-time view of the entire benefits landscape. With enhanced functionalities, administrators can easily customize benefit plans, update information, and swiftly respond to changing regulatory requirements.
  • API Integration
Ability to setup API integration with Vendors: Setting up API integration enables easy communication and data exchange between the organization’s systems and the providers that provide employee benefits services. The biggest benefit is efficiency; API integration streamlines and automates information flow, reducing manual involvement and the probability of errors. This improves the overall accuracy and timeliness of benefit administration.
Online Enrollment Services

Online Enrollment Services

Engage your employees to make informed choices with access to customizable decision support tools, 24x7 HR support services, and the Secova Call Center to pick the right benefit choice for themselves and their family members.

Administration for Retiree people

Retiree Administration

Handling retiree benefits can be a resource drain on companies. Secova provides a single point of contact and accountability for all transactions between our clients, their retirees, and benefit carriers.

Administration Dependent Eligibility

Dependent Eligibility

Ensure your premium payments are only covering the right employees and their verified dependents. Our Eligibility Management service simplifies the identification of ineligible dependents and supports your employees through the whole process.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Empower yourself with a stronger solution utilizing our dedicated interfaces with over 450 carrier interactions, secure data exchange, vendor assessment processes and performance analysis tools to leverage your vendor procurement.

Administration, FSA/HSA/HRA


In line with our subscriber-centric platform, BenAssure, participants can easily elect their FSA/HSA election amounts following the guidelines of a plan sponsor’s business rules and IRS regulations. Elections and changes are updated in real time and reported on HRIS/payroll files.

Administration for Premium Billing & Reconciliation

Premium Billing & Reconciliation

Healthcare premium overpayments between plan sponsors and carriers happen very often. Our premium billing and reconciliation services can help avoid this by catching errors in the complex data/dollar transactions between entities and their carriers.



Secova has provided COBRA Administration services to companies for 15+ years. We thrive owing to our experience. We have developed a proprietary system to efficiently and accurately manage the complex interactions required for today's COBRA administration.

Direct Billing

Direct Billing

Secova collects the healthcare premiums. We track all payments and reconcile any discrepancies, we also send a detailed summary and premium disbursement to you to review monthly participant activity. This ensures no overpayments between plan sponsors and carriers.

Get a free consultation

We are always happy to review your existing benefit portfolio. We often find after completing a review that we can save money or offer a richer benefit program. We are committed to keeping our clients educated on the constant changes regarding health insurance benefits. Contact us with any questions regarding your benefit needs.

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