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About Secova

About Us


Founded in 1989, Secova is a results-oriented benefit administrator with a track record of delivering cost savings and customer-satisfying solutions. In today’s time, with the cost of healthcare, the question is not whether or not to review the benefit program, but rather how to ensure that businesses have explored all opportunities for efficiencies and cost control. Over about 30 years of experience, we overcome these challenges and assist in finding cost-saving strategies to meet the employee benefit goals of your company. Our series of solutions provide additional value to you!

Secova provides customized solutions for the administration of employee benefits and human resources, resulting in more efficient HR operations, increased data visibility, and comprehensive auditing capabilities. The Secova solution offers 24×7 Health & Welfare services without requiring our clients to choose between quality and breadth.

Since its inception, Secova has worked with about 500 Fortune companies, mid-size corporations, multi-employers, state & local governments to deliver the increased visibility, control and efficiency needed to maximize the value of their health and welfare programs. The Secova solution, whether dealing with large clients or otherwise, centers around its unique ability to bring together objective and subjective elements to provide the perfect fit for the client both as an employer and an employee.

Secova processes more than 80 million eligibility records, $1 billion in healthcare premiums, and manages over 450 vendor/carrier relationships annually on behalf of its clients.


About Our Hallmarks

  • 500+ carriers, vendors & service providers
  • Accurate and fast product release is ensured by our in-house development team  
  • Working with Fortune 500 companies, mid-size corporations, multi-employers, state and local Governments (public entities) 
  • As flexible and scalable as needed. We provide data management services for large health insurance agencies with more than 200,000 records each month
  • Secure data encryption both at rest and in motion
  • Privately owned and operated with a truly agnostic approach

Get a free consultation

We are always happy to review your existing benefit portfolio. We often find after completing a review that we can save money or offer a richer benefit program. We are committed to keeping our clients educated on the constant changes regarding health insurance benefits. Contact us with any questions regarding your benefit needs.

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