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Why you need dependent verification?

Dependent eligibility is a crucial process for organizations to ensure the accuracy and compliance of their employee benefit programs. It involves comprehensive audit services to confirm the legitimacy of individuals claimed as dependents. This is essential to prevent risks like increased healthcare costs, insurance fraud, and legal ramifications. Dependent audit support streamlines the process by providing guidance and assistance to employees in submitting accurate documentation. Dependent eligibility services contribute to fair benefits distribution, preventing ineligible individuals from receiving undeserved benefits. A hassle-free verification process removes guesswork and allows employees to upload documentation to a secure portal.

  • Reduce unnecessary costs
    Paying for ineligible dependents can have a significant impact on your bottom line. On average, we assist companies save 5-8% of their yearly overall health plan expenses by implementing safeguards to prevent ineligible dependents from enrolling in coverage.
  • Minimize compliance risk
    As the plan sponsor, you have fiduciary responsibility to the plan participants to ensure that only qualifying dependents, as defined in the Summary Plan Description, benefit from the plan. Our services make it simple for you to continuously meet this responsibility.
  • Keep positive relations
    Usually, registering ineligible dependents is not intentional, but it might lead to awkward conversations. Outsourcing dependent verification protects the employee-employer relationship by making eligibility evaluations objective.

How does our benefits administration services help employees?

As a leading employee benefits administration company in the United States, Secova’s comprehensive benefits administration services offers comprehensive services to improve employee well-being and satisfaction. Our expertise in health, employee, and staff benefits management ensures employees receive the best value from their benefits programs, simplifying the complexities and making it easier for them to access their entitlements.

Our health benefits management services go beyond compliance, providing personalized assistance to help employees navigate insurance options, understand coverage details, and address concerns, empowering them to make informed decisions and contribute to a healthier workforce.

Our staff benefits management services provide timely, accurate information, support, and clear communication to foster trust and a workplace culture that prioritizes employee well-being, resulting in a more engaged workforce.

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Senior Benefits Manager

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Multi Employer: Recreation Industry

The team has done a tremendous job to truly change our benefits administration operation to something very effective and efficient. They were very detailed during the implementation & have exceeded their performance guarantees consistently over the years.

Director of Benefits

Regional Insurance & Service Company

I consider Secova’s team as a part of our team – their proactive efforts in our people and company’s best interests is something that everyone in professional services should emulate. Secova has, in my opinion, been easiest and the most competent.


Director of Benefits

Large Hospitality Chain

Working with Secova has been a dream. Clear, concise communication with quick responses. We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication of the team. Looking forward to more years of working together.


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