• people1
    I’m done with weekly reporting in a few clicks
  • people2
    I only have to remember one password for everything
  • people3
    I spend less than 10% of the time I used to on administrative tasks
  • people4
    They are so responsive and so proactive
  • people5
    They handle all my file interfaces
  • people6
    I can drill down details to any criteria. Makes my life easier
  • people7
    It’s super self-serve. Took me less than 8 mins to complete
  • people8
    They helped me choose the best plan for my family
  • people9
    I uploaded my documents and voila, I’m done
  • people10
    I can add my split my beneficiaries by product
  • people11
    It’s one platform that’s replaced 6 others with different logins
  • people12
    So many helpful tools make sure I’m educated on my choices

benefits solutions

Online benefits enrollment

Online Enrollment Services: Anytime secure access to benefits with one login! Breeze through enrollment in less than 8 mins:

  • One-Stop Employee Portal
  • Stratified Administrator Access
  • Powerful Administrative Reporting Engine

Eligibility Audit Services

We ensure compliance with plan eligibility rules which reduces health care spending

  • Dependent Eligibility Verification
  • Ongoing Dependent Management
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Spousal Surcharge Audits


Ensure compliance and protect against penalties with our integrated solution.

  • ACA Compliance
  • IRS Reporting
  • Customized Tracking
  • Modelling
  • Saving Recommendations


Efficient leave management improves productivity and decreases admin burden

  • Comply with internal, State & Federal rules
  • Track & report all leave types
  • Absence Direct Billing
  • 90%

    of all enrollments completed in under 8 minutes

  • 95%

    of DEVA clients realized greater than a 8:1 ROI

  • 0%

    Security Breaches in the past 25 years!

  • 93%

    average client retention year–on-year

From Our Happy Clients

  • Senior Benefits Manager (Multi-Employer Organization dealing in the Recreation Industry)

    The team at Secova has done a tremendous job in to truly change our benefits administration operation to something very effective and efficient. The team was very detailed during the implementation and have exceeded their performance guarantees consistently over the years."
  • Director of Benefits (large hospitality chain)

    I just want to say that, of all of the vendors we work with, Secova has, in my opinion, been easiest and the most competent. This is saying a lot because we have some good vendors we work with."
  • Director of Benefits (Regional Insurance and Services company)

    Please let the team know that we are forever grateful for their dedication and help. We would like to work with them forever!"

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