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We’d like to talk to you and you’d like to talk to a human being too! Get in touch with our agents without having to jump through hoops.

Secova’s full service Call Center solution provides multiple options for contact and support. Available to service your employees 24 x7, we take 100% responsibility for addressing and resolving any issues on your behalf. So go ahead, email us, chat online with us, speak to an automated IVR or talk to our agents. It’s your choice!

Client Specific Toll Free Number        IVR and Live Agent Support        Multilingual Assistance


  • Full Enrollment Support
  • Telephonic Enrollment Processing
  • Plan Design Questions
  • Eligibility Questions
  • Claim Issue Resolution
  • Participant Advocacy


  • Answering Participant Questions
  • Information and Forms Processing
  • Eligibility and Claims Issue Resolution
  • Facilitation of Pension and Retirement Processes
  • Bilingual Customer Service Representatives
  • Real-time Translations in 150+ Foreign Languages

Premium Billing

Health care premium overpayments between plan sponsors and carriers happen OFTEN. Our premium billing and reconciliation services can help avoid this by catching errors in the complex data/dollar transactions between entities and their carriers.

Let us handle the detailed work of :

             1. Finding Irregularities.     2. Determining Their Cause.     3. Fixing Problems.

So that covered participants and their dependents are not impacted.

When pairing Premium Billing and Reconciliation services with Secova’s Data and Eligibility Management services, overall processes remain in balance as eligibility aligns with premium and/or carrier Administration Services Only (ASO) for accounting or retroactivity that occurs.


Secova has provided COBRA Admin services to companies for 15+ years. So we know COBRA. Secova has developed a proprietary system to efficiently and accurately manage the complex interactions required for today’s COBRA Administration.

  • Participant Eligibility Determination
  • System Generated COBRA Notices
  • Participant and Administrator Access to Election Information Via Web
  • Monthly Invoicing and Premium Collection
  • Monthly Carrier Premium Billing and Reconciliation
  • Online Annual Enrollment

Dependent Eligibility Audits

Ineligible dependents cost you and your employees money. Secova Dependent Eligibility Audits simplifies the identification of ineligible dependents and supports your employees through the whole process.

Dependent Eligibility Verification Audits

Ongoing Dependent Management

Coordination of Benefits

Leave of Absence Administration

We will tailor a program specific to your company’s size, scope, and complexity of absence issues. We assign absence management coordinators to manage the entire process including all support required for absent employees and your HR department.

Our comprehensive Absence Management Process acts as a single point of intake for:
leave management


  • Family Medical Leave
  • Company-Sponsored Leaves
  • Short-Term Disability (STD)
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD)


  • Jury Duty
  • Military Leave
  • Intermittent Leave
  • With option for managing sick, vacation and PTO time

Absence Continuant Direct Billing Services

Managing the premium contribution payments for absentees who continue to carry benefits can be difficult. We’ve got you covered. Our solution collects and disperses premiums on behalf of clients, ensuring both HIPAA and ERISA compliance.


  • Paper Invoices
  • Communications
  • Call Center Services
  • Administrative Support
direct billing

Direct Billing

Let us take over the burden of collecting health care premiums from active employees, retirees, COBRA participants, employees on leave, and employees on disability. We’ll then track all payments and reconcile any discrepancies. At the end of each payment cycle, we send a premium disbursement and detailed summary to you to review monthly participant activity. Done and done.

Direct Billing

Retiree Admin

Handling retiree benefits can be a resource drain on companies. We provide a single point of contact and accountability for all transactions between our clients, their retirees, and benefit carriers.

Let us provide:

  • 24×7 Call Center Support and Enrollment Processing
  • Online Eligibility and Enrollment
  • Plan Design Questions
  • Premium Billing and Reconciliation
  • Data and Eligibility Management
  • COBRA Administration
  • Life Insurance Admin and Claims Processing
  • Facilitation of Creditable Coverage and All Other Government Mailings
  • Invoicing Tailored to Retiree Populations and Subsidy Programs





In line with our subscriber-centric platform, iElect 5, participants can easily elect their FSA/HSA election amounts following the guidelines of a plan sponsor’s business rules and IRS regulations. Participants can update these elections within the BenefitsWalk™ enrollment workflow. Elections and changes are updated in real time and reported on HRIS/payroll files.

ACA Managment

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employers must offer affordable health coverage to full time employees or pay a penalty. Secova’s ACAsolutions make sure that your company not only complies with the current regulations and fulfills IRS reporting requirements, but also streamlines benefit offerings on an ongoing basis as regulations and workplaces evolve.

ACA Management



Secova has partnered with Equifax to take ACA Management issues off your plate. Our solutions include:


  • Determining and Tracking Eligibility
  • Deciding to “Pay or Play”
  • Reporting to the IRS
  • Maintaining Compliance

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