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Needs arising from active duty military service are part of FLMA protected leave.

Protected leave: A breakdown for employers

Let’s take a closer look at the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and what employees are entitled to under the law. 

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The health care industry could see numerous changes with several big-name mergers.

Reducing health care costs: Aetna-CVS merger receives approval

The current health care industry has seen some considerable shake ups recently, with several big-name mergers centering around the reduction of costs.

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The TCJA has specific implications for healthcare workers in particular.

TCJA reform: 3 important changes you should know if you work in health care

The TCJA has specific implications for health care workers in particular.

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Outsourcing eligibility auditing can be a considerable financial benefit for today's organizations.

Top 3 reasons to outsource eligibility audit services

Having a third-party expert take care of eligibility audits can save companies considerable time and money. 

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Benefits stakeholders have to do more than distribute a document listing available perks.

Engage employees to communicate benefits

Human resources teams have an obligation to explain benefits concepts in an engaging way. 

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