3 cost-effective steps to improve workplace productivity


Employee efficiency is one of the tenets of workplace and operational success, yet some companies can struggle to realize the necessary level of this element to make their business effective in its field. One of the factors that can deter organizations from investing in this vital component is the cost that tends to be associated with increased productivity. While there are many expensive means to improve office efficiency, there are also plenty of cost-effective ways to reach the same goals. Here are three:

1. Implement flexible working hours
No two employees are exactly the same. Although one may thrive on the typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule, another may work better on an 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. timetable. This may be a change for those in positions of leadership, but the most important thing is that the work is completed and done well. Flexible working hours offer employees the individuality they may need to flourish in their career, while providing a work-life balance that meets their personal needs, according to Small Business Computing. Making the location where people operate flexible can also lead to improved job efficiency, as long as employees are aware of management expectations. The best thing about this policy is that it won’t cost businesses anything to implement.

“A study found happier employees are more productive.”

2. Focus on happiness
A study completed by the Social Market Foundation in partnership with the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy found that happy employees were between 12 and 20 percent more productive. Companies should use this information to their advantage by promoting workplace contentment and peace of mind. The best way to achieve this goal is to ask workers for their opinion. Giving people various choices as well as rewarding and recognizing employees for their achievements will encourage workplace support and make employees feel valued, which can improve happiness, according to The Next Web.

3. Arrange social gatherings
Going into the office is that much more enjoyable when employees feel they have friends who understand and support them. Company leaders can encourage these relationships by arranging workplace gatherings where people can be social with one another. Whether it’s a themed potluck, volunteer event, a happy hour or watching a sports championship game together, workers will enjoy these meet-ups, according to JustWorks. These get-togethers enable employees to relieve the stresses of the workday and relax with co-workers who deal with the same frustrations at the office.

Organizations aim to grow their operation and become as successful as possible. Yet, that endeavor is difficult to attain without hard-working employees. To improve worker productivity, there are various steps company leaders can take. Implementing flexible work hours, dedicating resources to employee happiness and creating social gatherings where people can interact will make employees feel more valued in their job – and thus, more efficient.