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Outsourcing eligibility auditing can be a considerable financial benefit for today's organizations.

Top 3 reasons to outsource eligibility audit services

Having a third-party expert take care of eligibility audits can save companies considerable time and money. 

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4 types of ineligible dependents costing employers money

Ineligible dependents are a costly problem for employers.

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Audits are a crucial way of reducing health care costs.

How to make dependent eligibility audits run smoothly

There’s no doubt dependent eligibility verification is important.

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Health care costs are some of the most debilitating for employers.

The harmful costs of covering ineligible dependents

As health care premiums are rising for individuals and businesses around the country, it’s important that business owners cut down on costs wherever they can.

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City and state departments can save a lot of money by completing healthcare eligibility verifications.

Secova audit saves New Hampshire town $177,000

Manchester’s eligibility verification audit saved the city around $177,000.

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